Throwing Off The Hump
When you throw something small, it is a time saving method to throw off the hump since you don't have to wedge a small ball for each individual piece. You use a big chunk of clay to start. You don't even have to center whole clay, just the amount you use on the top. However, you cannot cut the bottom with a regular wire tool because it creates an uneven base, and changes the shape of the piece. Fortunately, we have a special tool just for that purpose.

At the top of the hump, decide how much clay to use to make the piece. Center the top of the clay. Throw as usual. When finished, make sure that there's enough clay on the bottom to safely pick up.
When the throwing is done, make a groove with the tip of our Shippiki.
Insert the string parallel to the wheel head, and let the string go -- turning the wheel slowly. Don't try to wrap the string.
After one and a half turns, pull the string away from the clay parallel to the wheel head.
Pick up the pieces using your pointing and index fingers.
Transfer your piece onto a board for drying.
Shippiki ($6):
Flax string ($3):