How to Use Trimming Tools
The Kanna
Japan Pottery Tools offers five different types of iron Kanna (A, B, C, D, E, F, and G), each used for specialized trimming or decorative work. All are held like a pencil, and used to trim away excess clay (to shape the foot of a plate, draw patterns, etc.).
Kanna E is also a very useful tool to scrape off excess dry glaze around a foot.
Type A($7):
Type B($7):
Type C($7):
Type D($7):
Type E($7):
Type F($7):
Type G($7):
The Tsuchikaki
The Tsuchikaki's custom shaped iron band makes scooping a bowl out of a block of clay quick and easy. It can also be used as a trimming tool.
Tsuchikaki ($7):
The Umakaki
This trimming tool is used to flatten a wide surface, such as the bottom of a plate.
Umakaki ($6):
This "circle" wakanna is created exclusively for Japan Pottery Tools. After seeing a similar tool used by a master potter in Japan, we searched the country for suppliers -- with no luck. So we had it made! This wakanna is designed for trimming the side wall of a vase (or any large piece), and is excellent for trimming the insides of bowls or plates. Since it does not have a handle, there's nothing to get in the way. This wakanna is also not a perfect circle, so it fits comfortably in your hand.
Wakanna ($15):